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Meet Chris

Hi, I’m Chris and I’m the manager of the Corstorphine branch of Kristoffersen Carpets.

I’m loving it at Kristoffersen. As a company, customer service is at the heart of what we do, and that’s perfect for me because thats always been my philosophy.

Before coming to Kristoffersen, I was involved in customer service roles dealing with large corporations like Sainsbury’s and Tesco. I loved getting alongside clients and making sure I was able to explain how products worked – whether I was talking to a director or forecourt staff.

What I enjoyed most was making sure I understood exactly what my customers wanted. Identifying ways in which I could improve my customers’ experience and bringing the personal touch.

And what I love about Kristoffersen is bringing that personal touch to the branch. Being personally involved with every aspect of each sale and knowing every customer’s needs means a happy experience from the moment you come in the door, to the moment you’re admiring your beautiful new floor.